Cereal Box to Paper File Box

         Well after the 6th , I will now have 2 kids in School Full -Time , its really bittersweet I'm happy for them since they will be around their peers and learning and frankly away from the electronics for more then 4 hours straight, But man I'm gonna miss them its always hard for me sending them to school if what was best for me (keeping them with me 24/7) was best for them. lolSo onto the Reason for my next project , So with School and Activity's we have so much … [Read more...]

Welcome To My Blog about all the DIY Crafts and projects I have done or need to do . Im a Wife and Mother to 3 boys, I Came up with the name for obvious reasons lol I have spent Many nights without sleep with all these ideas in my head , I have a HUGE addiction to other DIY Blogs . Well I hope you enjoy reading about my projects.I just started this blog so i still need to upload pictures to add new posts. … [Read more...]


Re-usable Calender * Menu Planner*

I have a Facebook Page for all the Designing I do stop over and check it out I have a new giveaway every week . So I have really been needing a new family Menu board , I needed it to be re-usable so I wouldn't have to re print or buy a new one every week or month . So I Designed up a Menu style that works with my kitchen and family Check it out Here .So After I printed it (I used photo paper just to make it stronger), I found a old Picture Frame that was laying around collecting dust put the … [Read more...]