Big Reveal {Imagine the Impossibilities}

Here is a Look back this is what it looked like when we first seen our house before we bought it .And Here is what it Looked like after a year of us living here { Head down in shame }Thank you for the Ladies who started the Imagine the Impossibilities challenge as you can see I needed the kick in the Butt .So I got it all Cleaned well most of it there is still a lot of  “Designing” but the hard part is over ! { I will let the pictures speak for it }  Here is the Craft Area { I will go … [Read more...]

A look at the Before of My Craft Room {Basement}

A year ago we moved into my Dream House I love it only problem it wasn't my HOME yet it was still their house which is Ok with me since now I get the fun part of making it into a home . Im slowly getting there a couple weeks back I posted 3 Boys 1 Room we did a huge makeover on their bedroom . Next up was the {Dungeon} it was always suppose to be a "Game Room" but since Big now has a office upstairs ( I will post that makeover later) and the boys have their living room and are also scared of man … [Read more...]

“Show it Off” #9

Wow we are almost at week 10 ... Thank you to all that have linked up to Past parties and Thank you to all the Newbie's .Ok lets get started things have changed a little bit New RulesRules:* Link up anything you have Posted about on your BLOG and want to share ... ( No etsy Shops .. If you link up a Link party you need to have a Link back to me in that Post )* I would Love for you to Link Back to me you can grab my Buttons Here or you can do a text link also Make sure to Stop by This … [Read more...]

Features from party #8

Hi everyone we are on week  # 9!!! . The Party is Growing up Beautiful we almost hit 100 links ! All amazing! it is so hard to Pick each Week on which should be Featured I wish I could do all of your links ...      I also started a new series called "I want to Show you Off " I will take the Blog with the Most clicks and Feature them in a post by them-self.! I WANT TO SHOW YOU OFF    Here are some of the wonderful links from last week Cassity and Justin … [Read more...]

I want to Show you Off Series #1

          I'm starting a New Post Series called " I want to show you off" in which I will Pick the top clicked Blog  from my Link party to feature in a Full post . So lets get this series started! My number one blog to feature is It’s Overflowing .     I picked Aimee because I just adore her blog not only does she share her amazing Design Skills she also share a lot of useful Tips Some include Eye Makeup Tutorial How to … [Read more...]

Shipping/Cereal Boxes to Scrapbook Paper File

I posted a few days ago about the Imagine the Impossibility's Challenge I'm joining in on I just might have bitten of more then I can chew with this project , My New goal is too have everything cleared up and then next month I will go through and paint everything too match . Onto How to make a Scrapbook Paper File ( D.I.Y)So how do you store your scrapbook paper ? Me oh you know the Best way you can in a pile all mixed up with different sizes in a box . I knew I would … [Read more...]

Randomness ~ How to Make a image Button for your blog

I thought this Friday's random blog post would be something helpful , So Im going to show how I create my Sidebar buttons so anyone can make them .. yay! I like to code in the Size also so it can be changed to whatever size you would like for your page . Here is what your Code with look like">"Gomhp="125"src=""width="125"/> … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Table Center Piece (wedding flowers)

When I was planning My wedding in 2003  I found these Flowers at Walmart ... they were perfect for me and right inline with the budget so I picked the main bouquet up and some stem ones to make the bridal party flowers we took some Purple flowers and added them into them with some baby's breathe  ... Of course at the time I would have LOVED beautiful fresh "real" flowers but it just wasn't in the budget at the time , I'm so glad … [Read more...]