Dresser to Tv stand { Media Stand }



Remember the Dresser I found at a garage sale

Old Dresser

as soon as I saw it I new it would be perfect as a Tv stand … I was inspired by Liz Marie Blog from

Her post Dresser to Shelf’s.

Here is the Process I did to get My Tv stand

I wanted to add some new legs so I cut off the bottom of the dresser

Then Added the Legs

For the shelf’s I bought a sheet of plywood for $13 at home depot and had them cut it down for me and then took some of the fabric I had gotten at Wal-Mart last year to cover them

Then after I just came in for a min to check the laundry the wind blew and my newly painted Dresser seemed ruined .. Im not a HUGE! fan of Sanding and really didn’t want to start all over .. So I put my thinking cap on and remembered that I had a ton of paint left over from the Giani Kit that I used to do the faux granite look on my bathroom countertop.


So I first painted the top with some leftover paint from the Teal colored walls in the boys living room

Then took some old towels and started adding the layers

The colors I used for this .. I mixed the blue with white

after it dried I used the sealer that came with the kit

Added some molding


After everything was dry we brought it in  .. Now sorry for the images it was a cloudy day I will take some better ones today when I get home .

Let me know what you think ….

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  1. Brooke, it looks fabulous! Great job! And watching a little Austin and Allie are you?


  2. Brooke,
    That looks amazing! Great idea for the top with all the colors. LOVE it!

  3. Quite the transformation, Brooke! Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Love it! Love the fabric! Looks great :) Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  5. Great job Brooke! I hate sanding too! Can’t even tell that’s the same piece!

    • Thanks Janel… Im so Proud of this piece it was alot of work but turned out better then I originally planned

  6. It looks Fantastic!! I can see it now with cute baskets holding odds n ins ! Nice job Brooke!!

  7. I love the fabric and how you added the legs to the bottom! It looks great!

  8. Oh emm gee! I was just about to go to IKEA to get a TV stand. Not anymore. I have a dresser that is empty in the spare bedroom. Presto! Ha! Does anybody say that anymore? :)

  9. I love the use of fabric for the shelves! Genius! Amazing what a transformation!

  10. Wow what an amazing transformation! I love the detail of the patterned shelves!

  11. Hey Brooke…so glad you are joining the Olympics with us!! Can’t wait to see what event you are participating in and the cool things you cook up!


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